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Argan oil for pregnant women and babies

Nowadays, Argan oil is an exceedingly popular cosmetic product and is more than ever found in our bathrooms.  Not everybody knows, how beneficial this miracle of nature is for pregnant women and small children.  The oil contains all positively affecting compounds, which are being preserved after pressing.  For this reason, it performs very well on children skin.

The skin of future mothers is during pregnancy exposed to extreme changes and stress. Especially in the belly area, which grows very quickly, and skin is being stretched and tears in some places. If the skin is not elastic enough, small wounds will appear in the weakened areas which could in the future become distasteful scars and imperfections.

Women can avoid this if they pay enough attention to their bodies by choosing correct and safe products.

A high content of Vitamin E in Argan oil hydrates and nurture skin. This gives the skin more flexibility and greatly reduces the risk of tears and wounds since the skin can stretch without visible spots. And we are not talking only about the abdomen area, because it is useful to spread Argan oil also to your thighs and chest.

Mothers who use Argan oil even after pregnancy tend to come to their original figure faster and easier.  If you also belong to women, who are suffering from stretch marks because of a genetic predisposition, you know how hard it is to prevent them. Correct application of Argan oil can help the skin to fight this problem and mitigate these symptoms.

It is optimal to take care of your skin every day at least for a few minutes from the first months of the pregnancy. Argan oil is best applied to critical areas, like the abdomen, breasts, hips, thigs and massage gently into the skin.

After the birth, you can apply this natural cosmetic product not only to yourself but also to your newborn. It is enough to apply a small amount on a child’s body after bath and its skin will remain soft and smooth.

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