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Argan oil is a miracle of nature made traditionally from Argan nuts, which mainly grows between Marrakech and Agadir in Morocco.  Argan fruits that grow on the trees are handpicked and then cold-pressed into pure Argan oil. This oil is a pure, organic and vegan product and in some cases is then processed again, to be completely cleared of any scent.

Besides that, Argan oil is also used for culinary reasons, when the fruits are roasted before being cold-pressed and oil is extracted.

Argan oil is made as traditionally as possible, and that is why it is considered very valuable.  Oil is full of antioxidants, has a remarkably high content of Vitamin E, which minimalizes free radical particles and has loads of essential fatty acids, which regenerate the elasticity of dry skin.

Argan oil not only takes care of the skin but also nourishes hair and scalp. It serves as a conditioner for stiff ends and damaged hair and hydrates every lock of hair, thanks to which hair becomes better manageable.

Argan oil naturally enhances skin structure and after thorough massage skin regains its flexibility and freshness.  Smoothens of oil leaves the skin glistening but does not appear greasy or faded.

If you apply it in the morning to your skin to hydrate your dry skin areas, you will easily also get rid of abundant skin wax during the day.  Throughout the day, Argan oil creates a protective barrier on your skin and prevents negative outside influences.  If applied before sleep, oil has maximal rejuvenation efficiency and acts anti-inflammatory.  You will wake up in the morning with fresh and glowing skin.

Particularly appropriate is Argan oil for pregnant women and newborns. In pregnant women it affects very positively skin in the abdomen area to prevent the creation of stretch marks. The sensitive skin of small children will also appreciate Argan oil for its delicacy.

Not only the youngest, but seniors as well can use Argan oil. Besides application to aging skin, Argan oil also helps with aching joints or arthritis.

If you want to get relaxed after a long day, Argan oil is one of the most suitable products on the market. You can apply Argan oil separately or in combination with other natural oils or many kinds of body butter.

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