ARGAN OIL from morocco

Argan oil for beautiful and healthy skin

Argan oil. Plant oils are a miracle right from nature. People have been using them for centuries to keep their hair and skin in good condition. Many cultures consider those oils to be a “beauty elixir”. That is because of their protective, antibacterial and moisturizing qualities. In contrast to traditional cosmetics, they do not contain toxic chemicals. At the same time, they are more natural to our body.

Argan Cosmetics offers you rare argan oil designed for hair and skin maintenance. Our oil is 100% natural and made of only one ingredient – extract from argan fruit. 

Our oil is being made in Marocco and imported to Slovakia. You can buy it from our partner e-shop Diaminity.sk or from store chain Teta drogéria.

arganový olej 100%
Arganový olej Bio
Arganový olej Raw
Arganový olej - Eco

Therapeutic massage oils

Therapeutic massage oils Argan Cosmetics are made for professional masseurs, but also for ordinary people, who want to reveal the magic of massage. They consist of organic oil and essential oil from eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender extract.

Our massage oils contain vitamins, essential fatty acids and other substantial ingredients, that have a positive effect on the skin. They regenerate the skin and rejuvenate it. The ethereal component gives the oil a pleasant scent, which makes you feel relaxed.

All of our oils are being made in Marocco and imported to Slovakia. 



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